Sepang Blue Audi RS5 Paint Correction Ceramic Pro (Silver Package)

For this project i traveled north to Palm Coast Florida.14102534_10209068472341911_5597419153977508908_n

The project started with the usual decontamination steps that consist of (foam,rinse,foam,hand wash,rinse,dry,apply iron remover ,clay ,rinse ,dry). 14184376_10209068472981927_659236442335827041_nAfter all the decon steps were done the next step was to prep the front end for Xpel clear bra. By fixing one small rock chip and polishing some of the orange peel from the front of the car .

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Since the front end  was getting wrapped in Xpel .The dust needed to be minimized in the air as well as the car.So that meant wrapping from the doors back with a plastic sheet, Thus creating a clean environment for the technician installing the PPF.14199780_10209068470101855_8511434391884604777_nI then applied a plastic sheet over the car so no dust would land on the car prior to the PPF install.DSC_0122After the install came time to wrap the front end with plastic to protect  the Xpel from polishing dust/splatter.14089219_10209068470861874_6229446694373736410_n11295699_1625837157653659_7966902627630656819_nThe following slideshow shows,Some of the major defects that i was able to capture on camera.

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After all the polishing was done. Cleaning all the cracks and crevices with special foam swaps was in order DSC_0104DSC_0103DSC_0101After the car was properly polished ! The following steps were to blow out all the dust and give the paint multiple cleanings,With a wax and grease removing chemical followed by a special mixture of IPA. The following picture is showing the reflection after polishing and Ceramic Pro 9H application.

14203318_10209068464421713_9066252747591599567_nUsing the proper tools to hold the trunk open so i can coat the licence plate and upper bumper area .DSC_0119DSC_0120After coating the entire car the wheels were removed for a final cleaning and Ceramic Pro Coating Application.DSC_0121One of the coolest things about what i do!.Is i get to meet fellow car enthusiasts that share great passion on keeping their cars in top looking shape . For example here is the owner of the car Scott helping me apply the last layer of the coating process ( Ceramic Pro Light )14079495_10209068458981577_7459594127169489487_nAnd now the beauty shots 11269012_1627212834182758_7532063446036044155_nDSC_012511013440_1627212857516089_4226809382503499906_n11108195_1627212947516080_3821688455310432614_nDSC_0123DSC_0126DSC_0127Here Are some shots of Scott racing his car at the track 12140598_1676842509219790_3601102409280404777_n11049606_1643654989205209_6664143729649500130_n

I`d like to thank MR Farrel for the trust and opportunity to work on his prized possession. And for his amazing hospitality, By preparing a room in his home for me to stay in for the duration of the project.

John Clark /Owner Operator at Autostrada Detail Service In Winter Park Florida Cell:407-914-4353





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