A Forgotten 1978 Chevrolet Malibu Coupe 9 Second Race Car Got A Second Chance In Racing

History has it that the car was left to rot under a car cover in a driveway.A project that was put on hold and then forgotten about. Until my client who sells Snap On tools heard about the car. A deal was struck after being convinced to sell the car .As soon as my client brought the car to his home .I received a call to come check out the car and to see if anything could be done about the painted lettering and bringing some shine back to the paint. DSC_0736After some testing with chemicals the only way to remove the painted graphics was by wet sanding method DSC_0739DSC_0746DSC_0747DSC_0748After all Sanding had been done and stickers were removed it was time to polish some shine back into this paint.DSC_0750DSC_0751DSC_0753DSC_0754The car has been completely restored to racing conditions. And has been collecting trophies ever since it hit the drag strip again .1004971_675135452529494_1479544501_n1510725_675091249200581_1350023476_nJohn Clark /Owner Operator at Autostrada Detail Service In Winter Park Florida Cell:407-914-4353 Autostradadetail@gmail.com


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