2004 Volkswagen R32 4Motion Wetsand And Polish(Throwback Thursday)

Today we go back to a job that was performed back in 2012. But first a little bit of (What is an R32) .Introduced in 2004 Volkswagen R32 is a high-performance,two door Hatchback variation of the standard Volkswagen Golf – the highest-performance version ever offered. Featuring 240 horsepower 3.2-liter V6 with 236 lb.-ft of torque, a 6-speed manual transmission and AWD. As you can see in the following pictures the R32 was in dire need of a restorative type Paint Correction. Due to the car having a respray at some point in its life. The client wanted his car to be in the best looking shape so we decided that the only way to achieve that was by wet sanding the (Orange Peel) from both doors,both rear quarter panels and roof. The first two pictures show the condition of the car once i arrived at the customers house.DSC_0113DSC_0109Wet sanding Process DSC_0114The following picture shows the texture being removed DSC_0116Due to me not knowing the importance of heavily documenting the process (at that time) there isn’t any pictures of the during process so we will just jump to the after pictures

DSC_0139DSC_0138DSC_0136DSC_0140DSC_0141DSC_0142DSC_0143John Clark /Owner Operator at Autostrada Detail Service In Winter Park Florida Cell:407-914-4353 Autostradadetail@gmail.com



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