2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition #0908 Paint Correction/Ceramic Pro Application

This beautiful 911 was brought to our state of the art climate controlled reconditioning studio, In Winter Park fl all the way from the Daytona Beach area. Story has it that this particular 911 was ordered and driven by the owner of Brumos Porsche. The new owner contacted me over the phone looking for someone to pay special attention to his favorite Porsche. Since the client dropped the car off in the daytime and it being driven from the Daytona area it was too hot to do any exterior cleaning ,so i concentrated on the interior while the car cooled off.

The following pictures show a 50/50 of how the leather panel improved by proper cleaning methods  I.e Steam,Ph Balanced interior cleaner. And imported cleaning brushes from the UK .DSC_0117DSC_0121DSC_0131The suede headliner  was cleaned using a specific suede cleaner.DSC_0125Pulled 3 buckets of dirty water from rinsing the microfiber towels.DSC_0128Now that the interior is clean, And everything is cooled off, I can then move outside to start the decontamination steps.DSC_0141The following pictures show heavily contaminated paint. (chemical turns purple when removing contaminants,That are embedded in the pores of the paint and wheels).

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Every square inch of this vehicle needed correction. To do so we needed to remove the rear lettering, So a custom template had to be made. Allowing me to reapply the lettering  as if they were never removed. DSC_0154

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Polishing the emblem area.DSC_0219Swirls and grime stuck around the upper portion of the rear bumper.DSC_0206Preparing the emblems by reapplying the OEM double-sided adhesive emblem tape.DSC_0231Carefully re attaching emblems.  DSC_0239Removed the rear engine deck lid plastic trim, In order to clean,polish and apply Ceramic Pro Protective Coating underneath.DSC_0246After the rear area was taken care of. Polishing the rest of the defects was to follow. But first I had to cover the front end protected with Xpel clear film. (with a plastic sheet).That way no compound splatter or dust would stick to the  Xpel surface.DSC_0183The following slide show is some of the more noticeable defects tat were all over the paint (swirls,D/A sanding marks,clearcoat degradation,hand sanding marks).

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Getting a closer look (with a digital microscope),And printing material for client documentation DSC_0203

Final Thoughts: Working on this car was a great experience .Being able to help perfect and protect Porsche history is a great feeling .every exterior panel/part was corrected,cleaned and protected with Ceramic Pro Coatings .The owner will have many years of enjoyment knowing his car is protected from UV Damage,bird droppings,love bug damage,tree sap and road grime wont stand a chance sticking to the surface due to its newly acquired self-cleaning effect .DSC_0305DSC_0313DSC_0316DSC_0315DSC_0318DSC_0319DSC_0320DSC_0324DSC_0325DSC_0326DSC_0330DSC_0332DSC_0339DSC_0345DSC_0348DSC_0350DSC_0357DSC_0361DSC_0360John Clark :Owner operator   Autostrada Detail Svc  Winter Park FL  407-914-4353


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