The Last 900HP Prototype Signed By Carroll Shelby #0001PB Received 390 Hrs Of Reconditioning

Initial Prep: was to fully decontaminate the vehicle with a iron remover chemical followed by a wash ,The following step was claying the paint surface to remove embedded surface contaminants .Also during the wash, a wax and grease remover chemical was sprayed on then washed by hand. this ensured that when the vehicle was dried, there wouldn’t be any waxes on the paint .DSC_0003Now that the car was dried it was time to clean the engine bay and get it ready for polishing and coating DSC_0009

Ceramic Pro 9H Was Used to protect the painted and aluminum parts
DSC_0010 We then moved on to the door jambs this is the condition prior to polishing DSC_0016
DSC_0021DSC_0030In order to polish out the overspray,swirls and sand scratches the door striker had to be removed in order to get a uniform look DSC_0023 To protect the interior from polishing dust a plastic sheet was formed  to the shape of the door entry .DSC_0015After spending 2 12 hr days perfecting the door jambs  it was time to move on to the outside paint. next picture shows a 50/50 of what can be achieved via professional Paint Polishing  DSC_0049DSC_0155Some panels needed to be wetsanded in order to reduce 80% the orange peel effect thus giving a uniform finish  DSC_0245DSC_0161DSC_0157After polishing the wetsanded areas i removed the door panels in order to gain access to the door handles and remove hem DSC_0250Door cup area after removing door handles gave me access in order to remove those ugly fingernail scratches and swirling DSC_0251Afterwards i moved to the rear and removed the rear wing in order to gain access to the whole trunk lid and correct all DSC_0128Overspray on front carbon fiber lip and 50/50 after correction DSC_0120DSC_0113On the front fenders, i custom made a template that gave me the exact factory location to reinstall the Shelby 50th Anniversary and Cobra snake badges. for when i removed them in order to fully correct the area . DSC_0086DSC_0089Next up the wheels were removed, fully cleaned and coated with Ceramic Pro 9H. The wheel on the left is coated and the wheel to the right is in its factory dry sheen. the tires were also cleaned and coated with a tire coating .to eliminate the need to use greasy dressings that sling or stain the car cover


While the wheels were removed i then took the time to address the suspension,brake calipers and wheel wells in order to get them ready for the application of nano ceramic protection,Whether by cleaning or polishing. the next pictures show the condition the rear suspension arm and brake calipers were before polishing DSC_0274DSC_0273Next up the interior was partially disassembled in order to clean and protect every square inch with Ceramic Pro leather and textile coatings.DSC_0291DSC_0304DSC_0299The dirt removed from the interior DSC_0308

Final Thoughts: Client mentioned prior to the reconditioning, That the car was “going to be sent to Barret Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale AZ”. Due to him expecting the car to come out “ok” (client has had a unsatisfactory experience with the paint finish of the vehicle ever since it was delivered from the shelby factory) As soon as the vehicle was completed the client was very happy and decided to keep the car in his collection .DSC_0346DSC_0406DSC_0405DSC_0396DSC_0395DSC_0381DSC_0370DSC_0357DSC_0350DSC_0344DSC_0346DSC_0373DSC_0374DSC_0379


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