Suzuka Gray Audi TT-RS Paint Correction,Ceramic Pro Silver Package,Xpel Clear Film Protection On Complete Front End ,Rock Chip Repair

The gorgeous  Susuka Gray TTRS  was brought to our state of the art climate controlled reconditioning studio . For a complete exterior makeover and a thorough interior cleaning, followed by some serious protection from Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings and Xpel clear film application . the car came in in dirty conditions so the safest way to start was to give it a bath to remove all the dirt thus giving me a clean surface to start the decontamination process DSC_0384In the following pictures i show the iron remover(turns purple when attacking the contaminants)  doing its work to remove deep embedded contaminates that are in the pores of the paint DSC_0399DSC_0408After the exterior went through the decontamination steps. It was time to bring it inside in order to detail the interior, The Following pictures show the condition prior,during and the dirt that was pulled from the seats and surrounding panels.

DSC_0411DSC_0413DSC_0415After the interior was thoroughly cleaned it was time to prep the front end for the application of Xpel clear protective film.Via polishing defects out and making the paint smooth. So that when the film dries,It does so as flat as possible.Reducing the orange peel effect that occurs when applying the film without any polishing prep. The following pictures show a 50/50 of how much clarity was restored by polishing the following defects that follow in the next two pictures.

DSC_0438DSC_0421DSC_0434After we received the vehicle from our friends that applied the Xpel Clear Film(Orlando Tinting Services). The car was re washed followed by applying a plastic sheet to protect the Xpel film while the rest of the paint on the car was corrected from the major defects that inhibited the true beauty of the rare Suzuka Gray color . DSC_0566The following pictures will show the defects that were present on the paint (overspray,swirls,wetsanding scratches,fading,deep isolated scratches).DSC_0559DSC_0558DSC_0563DSC_0560DSC_0573DSC_0576DSC_0577DSC_0579DSC_0617Attention was also paid to the tail lights,front RS Honeycomb grill and Rs brake calipers  DSC_0523DSC_0492DSC_0486DSC_0481This is the level of reflection this car needed DSC_0601After the correction process then came time to apply (Ceramic Pro) Ceramic Protective CoatingsDSC_0637DSC_0642DSC_064350/50 of what can be accomplished when applying Ceramic Pro to plastic trim DSC_0640Final Thoughts: The client and i were very happy with the outcome of this car .If you are ever in the (Orlando Cars And Coffee) events,You will see it proudly wearing its laundry list of work and protection .”Thank You Matt for trusting my work”. And a special thank you to Mr Benderman for helping me tighten up the finishing Touches on this project .DSC_0718DSC_0709DSC_0695DSC_0706DSC_0701DSC_0679DSC_0685DSC_0666DSC_0655DSC_0650DSC_0712DSC_0716DSC_0708


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